Glossy Magnetic Glass Writing Boards

  • Use Drywipe markers of good quality.
  • Beautifully smooth glossy glass surface.
  • Six colours extra clear glass for white and clear glass for other colours.
  • Thickness 4mm for size upto 1200 X 2400.
  • Wipes easily – Surface remains clean always.
  • No Staining.
  • Special Magnets hold papers on the board.
  • Suitable pen tray order seperatley.
  • Fitting on the wall by concealed mounting (CM) or Stainless steel glass clamps (GC) Nos. up to 90 X120 size & six numbers for above 90 X 120 cms
  • Fitting instruction and hardware included with every board.
Size of Glass Boards Art No. Mounting
450mm X 600mm AGBO4560 CM / GC
600mm X 900mm AGBO6090 CM / GC
900mm X 1200mm AGBO90120 CM / GC
1200mm X 1500mm AGBO120150 GC
1200mm X 1800mm AGBO120180 GC
1200mm X 2400mm AGBO120240 GC

Colour of glass writing boards and code.

WH for White BL for Blue BK for Black GR for Green YE for Yellow RE for Red

Ordering a Glass Board: AGBO   SIZE   COLOUR   MOUNTING

Hence Ordering a Glass Board of size 1200mm X 1500mm White with steel glass clamps the Art No. will be AGBO 120150 WH-GC