Panda Bin Shelving Systems


Roll posts :
Panda Shelving Systems have one-piece solid uprights with a rolled front edge of diameter 20mm for additional strength, safety and aesthetic appeal.  Roll posts are available in four heights 1275mm, 1875mm, 2175mm & 2375mm which are suitable for 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm & 600mm deep shelves.

Back Panel :
Back panels provide additional stability and prevents dust intrusion.

Extended Back Panel :
Extended back panels can be added along with additional roll posts to expand the existing units, side by side or back to back.
As per the design the extended back panel is a set consisting of two pcs. i.e. 482mm wide and 457mm wide in four standard heights 1275mm, 1875mm, 2175mm and 2375mm.

Back Bracing :
Back bracing can be used instead of solid back panels as an economical solution. Back Bracing is made from CRCA Steel 2mm thickness and duly powder coated in Light Grey RAL 7035 colour. In 1275mm Height shelving systems single set of back bracing to be used. In 1875mm, 2175mm & 2375mm shelving systems two sets of back bracing are to be used.
Art No : ASUBB

Kick plates :
All shelving bays are fitted with solid kick plates, which prevent unwanted material entering into the base of the shelving unit and it looks aesthetically good. Height of the kick plate is 45mm.
Shelves :
Shelf levels are easily adjusted in 25mm increments and are held into position with  the use of easy clips or nuts & bolts. Shelves are available in 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm  & 600mm depth having 900mm width as standard.



Shelf Load Capacity

A range of capacities are available as listed below for different sizes as per the UDL (UNIFORMLY DISTRIBUTED LOAD). Considering L / 180 deflection i.e. 5mm.

Length Width Height
ASUS 300 300 900 30 90 Kg.
ASUS 400 400 900 30 80 Kg.
ASUS 450 450 900 30 80 Kg.
ASUS 500 500 900 30 75 Kg.
ASUS 600 600 900 30 70 Kg.
All dimensions in mm approx.

Free standing Shelf Partitions :
Free standing shelf partitions are available in two standard heights of 150mm and 250mm for shelves of depth 300mm, 400mm only. ( Shelf partition for shelves of depth 450mm, 500mm & 600mm available subject to MOQ & special request ).
Art No : ASUSFSP 153  Dimensions : 150mm (H) x 300mm (D)
Art No : ASUSFSP 253  Dimensions : 250mm (H) x 300mm (D)
Art No : ASUSFSP 154  Dimensions : 150mm (H) x 400mm (D)
Art No : ASUSFSP 254  Dimensions : 250mm (H) x 400mm (D)

Bin Front :
These special bin fronts are available in two heights of 85mm  and 135mm.  They  are made from 0.8mm CRCA steel duly powder coated in RAL 7035 colour, these bin fronts  are designed to be used with regular shelving systems and with  panda pigeon hole shelving systems.
Art No : ASUBF 85  Dimensions : 85mm (H) x 900mm (W)
Art No : ASUBF 135  Dimensions : 135mm (H) x 900mm (W)

Bay Load Capacity :
Maximum bay load capacity i.e. UDL of an individual bay fitted with shelves using easy clips and bolted shelves are shown below :

Shelving  Bay Heights No. of Shelves to be bolted Maximum bay load capacity
1275mm 4 Nos 1000 Kg.
1875mm 6 Nos 1000 Kg.
2175mm 7 Nos 1000 Kg.
2375mm 8 Nos 1000 Kg.

All dimensions in mm approx.


System Heights (mm) 1275,1875, 2175 & 2375

System Width (mm)  900

System Depths (mm) 300, 400, 450, 500 & 600

Finish :

All Panda shelving components are manufactured in 0.8mm (T) CRCA steel and are duly powder coated in Light Grey RAL 7035 colour.

All components to be ordered separately as per your requirement.