• The same size of Roo Tilt Bins can be stacked one on top of each other.
  • With help of the ergonomically designed plastic clips which are provided with Roo Tilt Bins, the same can be mounted on the various Louvre Panels available in our range.
  • Holes are provided on the back wall of the Roo Tilt Bin Cabinet which can be used to directly screw the Roo Tilt Bin on to a wall.
  • Roo Tilt Bins can be interlocked side by side which makes it a self-supporting structure and helps in making long runs of the Bins depending on the need and space availability. To build self-supporting structures, we provide standard solutions to make Wall Mounted structures, Single and Double Sided Stands and Trolleys.
  • Roo Tilt Bins have large front handles with ergonomic grip which ensures ease of operation of the drawers.
  • Paper indicator slots are provided on the Roo Tilt Bins to accommodate paper labels for easy identification of the products stored inside the Roo Tilt Bins.
  • Roo Tilt Bins are designed to be completely enclosed in the Cabinet when not tilted, this prevents dust and dirt entering the storage area of the Roo Tilt Bins.
  • Roo Tilt Bins are space saving and helps in keeping small and medium parts well organized with easy access.
  • Roo Tilt Bins are Ideal for Hospitals, Medical Stores, Workshops, Offices , Garages, Hardware Stores, Warehouses and Innumerable places where organized storage is required.


Art No : RTB 4
Outside Roo Tilt Bin Cabinet Dimensions in mm : 167 (L) x 215 (W) x 283 (H)
Outside Roo Tilt Bin Dimensions in mm : 203 (L1) / 160 (L2) x 198 (W) x 267 (H1) 217 (H2)
Inside Roo Tilt Bin Dimensions in mm : 155 (L) x 191 (W) x 267 (H1) 217 (H2)
Standard Packing : Inner ctn.- 2 pcs.
Master Ctn. Packing : 4 pcs.
CBM Volume per box : 0.065
Colour : Roo Tilt Bin – Transparent
Cabinet – Light Grey RAL 7035
Supplied with 3 mounting clips