Slotted Angle or Universal Storage System Rack

Slotted Angle (SA) or Universal Storage System (USS) is an ideal solution for all non-standard storage needs. With flexible partitions, multi-slotted panels and front stopper strips, SA / USS is perfect for well segregated storage of nut-bolts, tools and small components.
Slotted uprights allow for adjustable levels, so one can adjust height between any two levels. Similarly, the panels have multiple slots to take in vertical separators, so the storage space can be adjusted horizontally too.
The SA / USS also provides option of front stopper strips, thus providing security against slippage or spillover for the contents stored.
1) Cost effective installation.
2) Bolt together assembly.
3) Easy to mount.
4) Also ideal as storage for archives.
5) Increased load capacity due to corner plates.
6) Panels can be easily re-adjusted on a 25 mm pitch.
7) Extension bays can be added whenever required.
8) Very good overview due to clear product presentation.
9) More storage capacity on less floor space.